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    Jiaxing Heroic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, established in Aug, 2006, focusing on IC product designing, manufacturing and marketing, is the first and the only high-tech company approved by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) as “IC Design Company” in Jiaxing area. With powerful R&D ability and information advantage depended on the close relationship with a number of famous Research Institutes and semiconductor manufacturing companies, based on the well-developed industrial base, innovation system in Jiaxing and the surrounding, and the local government support, HT has a great progress in IC, electronic system, electronic components, and the technology designing, technology service, technology consulting, transferring, saling on Computer software.
    HT’s  families of products include:
        1、Class AB audio amplifier IC;
        2、Class D audio amplifier IC; 
        3、Optical communication IC;
    Guided by the market and government policy, the company designs IC products to meet the market. And meanwhile, the company also provides ASIC service that designing different dedicated ICs and low-cost system solutions. With the gradual progress in management mechanism, efficiency and shortening the project cycle, are being released.
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