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Audio Power Amplifier IC
Class AB Audio Power Amplifier
Mono Class D Audio Power Amplifier
Stereo ClassD Audio Power Amplifier
Audio Power Amplifier With Boost Converter
Headphone Amplifier
Fibre-optic Communication IC
Transimpedance Amplifier
Motor Driver IC
Stepper Motor Driver

Synchronous Boost Converter
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Model Description Package PDF Download
HT7178(new) 20V,12A Fully-Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter DFN20 Download
HT317(new) 30W,Class D,Stereo Amplifier TSSOP28-PP Download
HT97220(new) 125mW Direct Drive Line Drivers/Headphone Amplifiers QFN16L-PP Download
HT8691(new) 7.0W Anti-Clipping Mono Class D/AB Audio Amplifier with Boost Converter SOP8L-PP Download
HR8826(new) TSSOP28L-PP Download
HT8697(new) 9.5W,Anti-Clipping,Class AB/D,Stereo Amplifier TSSOP20L-PP Download
HT862(new) 8W,Boost Converter, TFB and AGC,class AB/D Download
TD2016(new) 1.25Gbps,High Sensitivity,Transimpedance Amplifier Die Download
HT97230(new) 125mW Direct Drive Line Drivers/Headphone Amplifiers QFN24L-PP Download
AT8812(new) Download
HT8698(new) 2*4.75W,Boost Converter,Anti-Clipping,ClassAB/D,Stereo Amplifier TSSOP20-PP Download
HT8692(new) Boost Converter,Anti-Clipping,Class AB/D Switching,Mono Amplifier SOP16-PP Download
HT4832(new) 33mW,Cap Free,Stereo Headphone Amplifier QFN16 Download
HR4988(new) 2A,Step DIR,Motor Driver QFN28 Download
HR4982(new) 2A,Step DIR,Motor Driver TSSOP24-PP Download
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